Aisling O’Beirn: Another Day In Futile Battle Against The 2nd Law, October - November 2016


Millennium Court Arts Centre is delighted to present Another Day in Futile Battle Against the 2nd Law, a new body of work by Aisling O’Beirn. 

The work for this exhibition falls under the 2nd law. It consists of a sculptural installation and some new animations pieces, all of which explore in different ways how a lay-person struggles to understand scientific concepts. It has been made with the support of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium.  The installation explores stellar distances by spatially imagining the constellation the Great Bear, using precariously balanced and placed found objects.  The animation Overwhelming (Meteor Showers) is a reflection on time and the nature of predictable and unpredictable events.  The animation, Slices of Time (some questions), tracks conversations on subjects ranging from infinity, inflation the big bang and stellar distributions with astronomer Simon Jeffery

With special thanks to Emeritus Prof. Mark Bailey and to Simon Jeffery of Armagh Observatory.

Armagh Observatory

Armagh Observatory

Public Talk: Friday 28 October, 11-12 noon.

Earth's Place In Space: Discovering Humanity's Shared Celestial Heritage

by Professor Mark E. Bailey, Emeritus Director of Armagh Observatory  

Astronomy is the oldest science, with links stretching back more than 5,000 years to the construction of monuments such as Stonehenge and Newgrange, many of which contain remarkably precise astronomical orientations and alignments.  This illustrated talk, which is linked to the Armagh Observatory's set of "From Earth To The Universe" (FETTU) posters, will take you on a journey in space and time from our Earth, through the Solar System, past nearby stars and our own Milky Way Galaxy, to the most distant parts of the known Universe until we reach the "Big Bang", the accepted start of our known Universe some 14 billion years ago. The talk will also cover the work and recent discoveries of the Armagh Observatory; the principal components of our Solar System; and the sizes and relative distances of the planets and nearby stars.

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