Anne C. Acheson sculpting October late 1920s

Anne C. Acheson sculpting October late 1920s


Opening 5th April, 7pm - 9pm

Contining: 6th April - 18th May 2019

Anne Acheson

A Sculptor in War and Peace

Anne Acheson, A Sculptor in War and Peace is a historical exhibition of work by the Portadown sculptor Anne Acheson RUA, including statuettes, portrait heads, garden figurines and sketchbooks. The exhibition includes a historical dialogue of her career and the BBC documentary ‘Anne Acheson: The Art of Medicine’ that showcases her invention of ‘Plaster of Paris’ splints during World War One. This exhibition is produced in partnership with Craigavon Museum Services.

Produced in partnership with Craigavon Museum Services.


Alana Barton, Trina Hobson, Lucy Meagher, Una Burke, Marie Schuller & Niamh White.

5th April- 18th May 2019


CAST is a curated exhibition featuring contemporary artists responding to the remarkable story of pioneering, Portadown born sculptor, Anne Acheson who revolutionised fracture treatment during WW1.

Trina Hobson Belfast based contemporary oil painter, Trina Hobson brings a sensitive, painterly approach to her work, creating emotive images which tell or introduce a story.

Alana Barton Awarded Northern Ireland Young Artist of the Year 2019, Alana Barton’s paintings feature both figurative and abstract elements, sourced from old photographic material, primarily based on children and young people.

Una Burke Crafted from leather strips, award winning Irish artist, Una Burke’s flesh-toned body casts are a direct reference to the support and strapping created by Anne Acheson’s plaster cast. The black body armour is featured in the film by Una Burke, Marie Schuller and Niamh White , based on the idea of prosthetics

Lucy Meagher Lucy Meagher is a ceramic artist working in Dublin, intrigued by the unearthly and sometimes uncanny presence of Victorian dolls and puppets, she creates figures that have their own narratives and personalities.

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