Join us at MCAC for a range of classes, workshops and free events for children and young adults.

For more details and to book a place contact MCAC by telephone on +44 (0)28 3835 0935 or e-mail

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Art for Tots

Fridays from 02 November

11:00 → 12:00noon, 4 weeks

£15 (Age: 2 - 4 years)

An hour of creative messy play for all your ickle budding artists!

Messy Mitts

Saturdays from 06 October

10:30 → 11:30am, 8 weeks

£30 (Age: 4 → 8 years)

Experiment, design and make amazing fun creations.

Lego Animation I pad

Saturday 10 November

10:30 → 12:30pm

£10 (Age: 10 → 14 years)

Take a journey into the colourful world of Lego animation with this mini animation masterclass, which will teach participants how to make a complete animated film on an iPad, including sound effects visual effects, and planning your film.

Manga Illustration

Saturdays from 13 October

2:00 → 4:00pm, 4 weeks

£20 (Age: 12 → 16 years)

Learn the art of Japanese Manga illustration, comic book design and drawing skills and techniques.

Clay Christmas

Saturday 24 November

10:00 → 12:00 noon

£5 (Age: 7 → 11 years)

A fun Christmas themed pottery workshop making Christmas decorations. Using stoneware clay and colourful slips we will create beautiful decorations to celebrate Christmas.


Mr Spooky Stories

Saturday 13 October

1:15 → 2:15pm

Come along to hear some chilling, haunting and spookily funny stories with storyteller Steve Lally. An interactive story that allows the audience to get involved.

Haunted Head Puppets/Illuminated Haunted Houses

Saturday 20 & 27 October

2:00 → 3:30pm, £10

Come along and create some large scale haunted head puppets using 3D techniques, tissue and paints then add some glowing eyes.


A themed children’s film at 11.30am followed by an innovative art and craft workshop combining traditional craft and design with a contemporary twist! Intrigued? Then join us. These are FREE drop in events open to a range of ages from children to adults. All Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Monsters & Myths

Saturday 13 October, 11:30 → 2:15pm

11:30 → 1:00pm FILM : Monsters Inc. (1971) U

1:15 → 2:15pm WORKSHOP : Mr Spooky Stories

Come along to hear some chilling, haunting and spookily funny stories with storyteller Steve Lally. An interactive story that allows the audience to become part of the story.

Sea Scapes

Saturday 10 November, 11:30 → 3:00pm

11:30 → 1:00pm, FILM : Arctic Tale Movie (2008) PG

1:00 → 3:00pm WORKSHOP : Sea Scapes

Sculpt a willow fish mobile using an array of paper, tissue and some sparkles.

Twilight Markets

Friday 16 November

MCAC will be hosting a delightful series of short 30 minute Christmas films projected in a cinema style screening along with some warming hot chocolate! In the gallery space we are being eco-friendly, creating fantastic plastic decorations with a little glitz! or you can find us in the market as we create some mini-lanterns to illuminate your way through the winter evening!

FREE Christmas Family Art Festival Day

Saturday 08 December, 1:00 → 3:00pm

Come along to this family workshop where you will learn how to create re-using a mixture of disused plastics and papers to create colourful decorations for the tree and enjoy some festive treats as you do - all ages welcome!

The Lorax

Saturday 12 January, 11:30 → 3:00pm

11.30am → 1.14pm, FILM : The Lorax (2012) U

1:14pm → 3:00pm WORKSHOP : The Lorax

Design and make beautiful, crazy wildflowers that would brighten up Thneedville.