Artist-in-Residence 2015: Jiann Hughes

Jiann Hughes (b.1969, Belfast) explores the web of relations between bodies often through interactive or participatory artworks and mostly using video, sound and computer code. One strand of enquiry has probed the tensions between human bodies and technological developments, toying with notions of agency, biopolitics and affect. These works often reference the materiality of the computer code that entangles us and refashions our world.
More recently her attention has settled on how our use of biosensing technology is shifting our experience of bodily boundaries within our pervasive surveillance culture. Her playful body-responsive installations rely on biofeedback technologies to publicly project our most intimate responses – heartbeat and breathing patterns - using sound, video and light. 
Hughes has explored the affective aesthetics of encountering these biosensing artworks through a fully funded practice based PhD at the University of Technology, Sydney. A graduate from the Sydney Film School she was also awarded a Masters degree in Community Cultural Development from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Her work has been exhibited in Australia, Hungary, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK. 
This project at Millennium Court Arts Centre has been made possible through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Artist Career Enhancement Programme (ACES)


Image Credits (top to bottom):

BB got your beat, 2013, Culture Night Belfast 13, Chapel Lane, Belfast

Breath Station, 2010, Object Manipulation Lab, This is Not Art festival, Newcastle, Australia

Below the belt, 2011, Dorkbot group show, Serial Space gallery, Sydney, Australia 

Disrupted Portrait, 2014, State of Play, Pollen, Belfast

Membrane, 2013, Fabric, Platform Arts, Belfast