Millennium Court Arts Centre will be hosting a range of fun activities until the end of January to help spread the message to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic. The exhibition will have an education area. There will be fun activities for kids.


Plastic Toy Swap Shop: A toy swap shop for children in the run up to Xmas rather than throw away old toys children can swap them and hopefully encouraging parents to buy less new toys at Christmas.

Lunch Box Challenge Achievement Tick Sheet: 10,000 of these will be printed and sent to schools in the local area. It will promote the Plastic Toy Swap Shop and has tasks that encourage families to use less plastic such as not use a straw with your drink, use greaseproof paper instead of plastic wrap on your children’s sandwiches and bring in a reusable bottle for your juice drink.

Activity Sheet: An activity Sheet for kids to do in the gallery.

Signs and Slogans: We will have a free activity in the gallery area where kids can make placards promoting the cause of reducing plastic. 

Recycled Plastic Christmas Tree made by children from local schools will be in the foyer.

Other kids activities include Recycled Christmas Tree Ornament Making, a Movie Club as well as Poster Making Workshops.

Promoting shop local: Supermarket fruit and vegetables can be heavily wrapped in plastic. We are encouraging shopping locally in local markets and butchers where food can be wrapped in grease proof paper or placed in paper bags.

We will be promoting a Friends of the earth petition to help reduce plastic in oceans. Help reduce plastic oceans.