Offsite Project and Exhibition | Millennium Court Arts Centre at High Street Mall, Portadown | 6 December - 25 January 2014

This December Millennium Court Arts Centre have taken over a shop unit at High Street Mall, Portadown; decking it out with scaled up vintage toys and Christmas TV reruns. This festive offsite education exhibition features work by around 164 artists, including Paddy Bloomer, Duncan Ross, Miguel Martin, Michael Hanna and 160 P4 and P5s from local primary schools.

One window of the exhibition space showcases the work resulting from an artist led education project organised by MCAC in November 2013. Led by MCAC Education Officer Jonathan Cordner and Belfast based artist Miguel Martin the Primary 4s and 5s of St Anthony’s Primary School, Craigavon and Portadown Integrated Primary School visited Millennium Court Arts Centre to learn about animation and produce their own stop motion films. These delightfully humorous and frenetic animations are shown on television screens within the space. Alongside these animations MCAC present a giant zoetrope built by “artist, inventor, explorer and plumber” Paddy Bloomer. The 18 frame animation;Jack in the Box, is supplied by Miguel Martin.

The second window space features a video work entitled Distillation Hollywood, Part 2 by MCAC Artist in Residence, Michael Hanna. This artist has received ACES funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to produce his first major solo exhibition, Behaviour Setting which runs from 6 December to 25 January 2014 at Millennium Court Arts Centre,

We would like to warmly thank High Street Mall for the opportunity to showcase art work in an alternative location.

Tracey Jackson, Centre Manager of High Street Mall comments. “We are very pleased to continue our long standing working relationship with Millennium Court by bringing you this art installation into a unusual setting as a shopping centre.  The store in the mall provided for this feature has been host to a number of initiatives designed to bring diversity from retail and this recent collaboration between High Street Mall and Millennium Court strengthens the opportunity to bring art to all members of the community”. 

Directions from MCAC to High Street Mall. Exhibition space is located at a unit in the centre of the Mall, opposite Superdrug.