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A Fine Figure 2: Four Talks on the History of Figurative Ceramic Sculpture by Michael Robinson, September 2013

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Venue: Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown

Info: Talks are FREE (for booking information see below)

A Fine Figure is a series of four talks looking at the 30 thousand years during which we now know we have been using clay and fire to make figures, their use, the role of the artists who made them and the society they made them for. These talks will coincide with the exhibition Figure: Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture at Millennium Court Arts Centre, an exhibition commissioned as part of August Craft Month NI. This exhibition runs until Saturday 28 September.

For more information on each individual talk follow the links. Free Tickets can be reserved through Eventbrite(see below links) or by contacting

2 'Relegation, Bling and Political Pots' - Saturday 14 September, 2pm

Once the west discovered metal working the techniques of manipulating hard, precious, semi-precious stone and making ceramic seriously lost status, and was virtually eliminated from the artist’s range of media. That was until porcelain appeared from far distant and mysterious China. So expensive – even when we discovered its secrets and began to produce it ourselves, that only the disgustingly rich could afford to indulge a taste for it – it became the ultimate bling. Pots might be confined below stairs but porcelain as much as gold and silver manifested and advertised fashionable and exclusive wealth. Times were changing though: the Industrial Revolution and methods of production not only created vast new manufacturing and mercantile wealth, but new social classes with demands, tastes and aspirations of their own that found great expressive value in clay.