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A Fine Figure 3: Four Talks on the History of Figurative Ceramic Sculpture by Michael Robinson, September 2013

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Venue: Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown

Info: Talks are FREE (for booking information see below)

A Fine Figure is a series of four talks looking at the 30 thousand years during which we now know we have been using clay and fire to make figures, their use, the role of the artists who made them and the society they made them for. These talks will coincide with the exhibition Figure: Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture at Millennium Court Arts Centre, an exhibition commissioned as part of August Craft Month NI. This exhibition runs until Saturday 28 September.

For more information on each individual talk follow the links. Free Tickets can be reserved through Eventbrite(see below links) or by contacting

3 'The Times They Are a-Changing' - Saturday 21 September, 2pm

As we entered the 20th Century, new directions and new media were being explored (in all areas of art) faster than conservative critics and the public could keep up with. By the time Picasso and Chagall turned to ceramics Gauguin, Rouault and others had already established its credibility and value as an artist’s medium. In the wake of Japonisme and the influence of Bernard Leach, clay was being taken seriously by an ever expanding group of sculptors particularly in the U.S.A.