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A Fine Figure 1: Four Talks on the History of Figurative Ceramic Sculpture by Michael Robinson, September 2013

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Venue: Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown

Info: Talks are FREE (for booking information see below)

A Fine Figure is a series of four talks looking at the 30 thousand years during which we now know we have been using clay and fire to make figures, their use, the role of the artists who made them and the society they made them for. These talks will coincide with the exhibition Figure: Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture at Millennium Court Arts Centre, an exhibition commissioned as part of August Craft Month NI. This exhibition runs until Saturday 28 September.

For more information on each individual talk follow the links. Free Tickets can be reserved through Eventbrite(see below links) or by contacting

1 'Early Days: Arrivals and Departures', Saturday 7 September from 2pm

Whoever the earliest ceramic sculptors were (and we haven’t the slightest idea whether they were male or female) one of their prime roles was to meet societies’ needs to ensure fertility; to placate and win the support of all the spirits and invisible forces that they shared the world they inhabited with and the larger reality we have always seen ourselves as being a part of. The effigies, idols, gods, goddesses and votive figurines can be seen as expressing important notions in the development of early religion, but that imagination was also used to explore and develop the ideas and myths which still form the roots of our own cultural stories and mythologies.